PhoenixBlood for Ana Mero Swim

PhoenixBlood for Ana Mero Swim

Ana Mero Swim is thrilled to introduce our first iAMSbabe for Reverse Ana Mero! We collaborated with the incredibly talented model, lyricist, and vocalist, Phoenix Blood, whose fearless dedication aligns seamlessly with our values. As the founder of Ana Mero Swim, we strive to create a space that champions change and confidence. This magazine is a testament to that ethos, a platform where diverse narratives converge to form a tapestry of individuality and vitality. Join us as we embark on a journey of self-discovery, unity, and empowerment, and thank you for being a part of this transformative journey.


Can you please brag about yourself because we all know how amazing you are!

I’m a model, lyricist, and a vocalist. I’ve been writing music since I was 4 years old, but modeling is something I’ve truly fallen in love with in the past year. It’s fascinating to be able to tell a visual story through an image when a model and a photographer collaborate. Doing projects that crossover music and photography is the dream as of right now. I’m a pretty bubbly person. I don’t think it costs anything to lead with human decency, so I try to spread as much love as I can when I’m encountering people. 

How did you get into fashion? What keeps you passionate about it?

I grew up watching my mom put together looks at a very young age. She was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, so seeing fashion through her unique lens showed me how dope it was to paint a picture of your truth through your clothing. I love being able to walk the line between what society deems as masculine and feminine. I have the most fun when I’m creating without borders.

How did you feel when you first saw and tried on Ana Mero Swim? Can you describe your initial impressions?

I was in love with the suit as soon as I put it on. This was actually the first two live swimsuit that I’ve ever worn. I didn’t 100% know what to expect, but I felt so beautiful in it. I loved the way it accentuated my curves. It hugged me in all the right places, but the material is soft enough to where I felt like I had nothing on. I felt so free in it.

Confidence is a core for AMS. Can you tell us about a moment during the photoshoot where you felt particularly empowered and confident in our swimwear?

One of my favorite moments of the shoot was during the portion where I was arched over a standing fan on the rooftop. I remember realizing how much my body was exposed at the time and I was so surprised by how confident I felt in the moment. Moments like that are milestones for me because I’ve suffered from body dysmorphia for most of my life. I felt so beautiful in my skin while I was wearing that swimsuit. That was super empowering for me. 

Imagine you're spending a perfect day wearing our swimwear. What activities or adventures do you envision yourself doing? 

I’m really in love with how versatile this swimsuit is. I can honestly imagine myself going out wearing the swimsuit top with a cute pair of pants for a night out. I’m a Cali boy, so I love a good pool party! The swimsuit would be perfect for that. 

Can you recommend some beachy accessories or styling tips to complement our swimsuit?

I love the idea of pairing my swimsuit top with a pair of black leather pants and a cute necklace. I’d wear the pants without a belt so they would hug my waist a litter lower. I’d want the straps on the suit bottoms to be visible above the waist of my pants. I’d accessorize with my favorite jewelry line Empty Funeral. They have a bunch of gorgeous chainmail necklaces and bracelets that I can easily see myself accessorizing with. I know I would be feeling myself in that. 

What was it like working with Ana Mero and her team? Is there a dream collaboration in mind

Working with Ana Mero and her team was amazing! I felt so comfortable and safe the entire time. Everyone was super accommodating to me from beginning to end. It was also such a treat to be able to get shot by Ana herself. There is a different level of creative connection when the photographer who is shooting you also designed the outfit that you are modeling in. I loved that we got to bounce off of each other for this campaign. I’d love to do an even darker campaign shoot for Ana Mero Swim in the future. I’ve always gravitated towards darker, more sensual pieces of art. I know we could make some more magic together diving deeper in that direction. 

Connect with PhoenixBlood

Instagram & TikTok Handle: @Phoenixbloood



About the Photoshoot

Our photoshoot draws inspiration from the edgy dreamers that define the spirit of Los Angeles. Imagining our brand as part of the vibrant tapestry of dreamers in this dynamic city, we chose the rooftop as our canvas to encapsulate the rise and realization of our aspirations against the iconic skyline. The landscape becomes a metaphor for our journey, reflecting the heights we aspire to reach and the dreams that thrive in the city of angels.

Our dedicated AMS team on this shoot:

Vittoria Nelli - Photography Expert

Tiffany Osuna - Social Media

Cameron Loffarelli - Assistant



Shop The Phoenix Bottom

Made from a rich blend of nylon and spandex, these bottoms feature two hip cutouts and a bold red strap for a secure fit. The textured crinkled finish adds an elevated touch, and the six-way stretch ensures a flattering fit in all the right places.

As seen in Forbes magazine & LA Fashion Week


  • Crinkle texture finish with buttery interior
  • Made with a luxurious blend of Nylon & Spandex
  • Seamless Stitching for a polished finish
  • Red, hip hugging strap
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Named after Phoenix Blood:

"Working with Phoenix has been an incredibly inspirational journey, and I find myself immensely grateful to have crossed paths with him during LAFW. Phoenix is a bright light, a force of positivity that not only sparks creativity but also encourages me to be bold and take risks. The experience of collaborating with someone who not only pursues their dreams passionately but also extends unwavering support to mine is truly uplifting. Being friends with Phoenix goes beyond the professional realm; it's a source of motivation and belief in oneself. Ana Mero Swim is honored beyond words to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Phoenix, and naming our latest piece after such a remarkable individual feels like a fitting tribute to the synergy and brilliance that defined our collaboration." - Ana Mero


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SEXY is not a privilege