SEXY is not a privilege

SEXY is not a privilege
 Why is sexy a censored feeling? Why should I have to censor the pleasure that is enjoying my body and celebrating me? The reservations of "sexy" are a constructed  set of rules that shame people into society's narrative for their comfort and control. My sex appeal is determined be me only. 

Truth is, "sexy" was a very hushy word for me. My *pretty privilege felt like it was somewhere on the scale of cute, barely being able to "be someone" in an industry like mine. And on top of that my *body privilege became a marketing barrier that would invite strangers to keep explaining what "beach bodies" were and "remind" me that I DIDNT in fact have one nor should I "promote" anything otherwise.

These privileges exist all around us, we are confronted by it every single day and sometimes don't even notice because of how normalized it is. Just scroll through instagram, where women's bodies are regulated on the daily. [Insert specific fashion brand that I will not name out of respect] is posting their new lingerie tops on the "ideal" woman - meanwhile a Mom just got blocked for posting a photo of breastfeeding her baby. It's not about disliking the "ideal woman" posing for this brand (she's gorgeous!) but about the choice of who Instagram felt was acceptable or appropriate and in return adding to the toxic cycle of beauty standards and privilege. 

I honestly just finally said fuck it and started doing me, because feeling sexy is not a privilege- It's my right. The truth I had to accept is that people will always have something to say, but it shouldn't determine the way I choose to live my life. This is just my tiny story, but I hope to hear yours and everyone else's so we can contribute to cutting the ties of toxic beauty standards.

I hope you know you are entitled to feel sexy. You have a damn right to not only feel it, but embrace it. Easier said than done of course, we have A LOT of work to do. But remember the work starts with us in setting the examples and uplifting each other along the way. We got this shit, because #iAMSbabes do it best!



The Woman in the Black Bikini

Ana Mero



*Body privilege or pretty privilege is a concept used to examine the economic, social, and political advantages or benefits that are made to both men and women solely based on their physical appearance. A common example of the "ideal" body type set by Western standards is thin, tall, and muscular. Academic ideas such as the halo effect can be used to explain body privilege, describing the phenomenon of attractive people being perceived as good people based on their appearance.

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PhoenixBlood for Ana Mero Swim